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Conversation Between AudioGnostic and valkyrie
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  1. AudioGnostic
    12-12-2011 06:39 AM
    please brotha.. lets avoid any drama .. and ill leave you guys alone
  2. AudioGnostic
    12-12-2011 06:38 AM
    this is against federal law, by not removing it, you will be held responsible as a moderator, you dont want to get into this.. just take it down and i will leave your site
  3. AudioGnostic
    12-12-2011 06:38 AM
    i demand u have this profile removed or im reporting ur website to a cybercrimes devision at the police station

    online impersonation is illegal
  4. AudioGnostic
    12-12-2011 06:37 AM
    hey man, someone is impersonating me on your website, they are using my name/picture... that dude...
  5. valkyrie
    12-12-2011 06:28 AM
    I seriously consider you to read the Book of Pook.

    Pook the God of all seducers.

    The legendary Pook.

    from www.sosuave.com

    dot com, not the forum the hall of fame articles of pook.
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