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09-09-2011, 01:10 PM
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shit, missed something:

As for the old lady (I pickup an old lady in a SD club in one of my infield videos), yeah you got me on that one. Didn't take her home or anything. Infield footage was frustrating to get. too dark, shitty audio, etc. I have never gotten a great pickup on video (fantastic sets are called SUPERSETS). I did pickup a sport illustrated swimsuit model who became my gf on hidden camera which aired on a show called Sex Drive on the Discovery Channel, but they clipped the infield footage (didn't air the 40 minute unedited entirety that is ... though Id love to see that footage - it was a great set - sure you talk about the 40 yr old MILF set but not the supermodel set thanks a lot haa). I also have footage of my infield in season 1 and season 2 (in season two I remove my peacock gear). I figure, there's enough proof of my skill set - I do live infield bootcamps for fucks sake - you got lots of eyes on you expecting miracles - you either get solid and deliver the goods or run home with your tail between your legs. Theres one other thing that fucks up my desire to construct infield videos - I have a gf and a kid, you know what I mean?! I had hidden cameras at $30k a night in PUA (the show). I had great infield footage in that show. But to get full unedited pickups captured required a similar investment per night - the guys on Keys to the VIP know exactly what Im going on about. and then there is the getting the girl to sign a release form after it (and hopefully not lose the girl over it). I focused on LIVE INFIELD demos. And then when the hot game (aka celeb game) reduced my actual cold approach opportunities (what Im famous for) infield, I had to bring in qualified coaches to assist. The celebrity, amplified in a club environment filled with VH1 influenced patrons, is an experience in and of itself. If they know you, its like a warm approach, only hotter. if they don't know you, its good ol' time tested cold approach. You can usually tell which category (hot or cold) the group you approach is in. If you open and they say, "Holy shit!!! It's Mystery!!!" <hugs> that usually tells me its hot and not cold. Which is really fucking cool btw.

At this level of the game (pro PUA), I don't take stupid risks like sneaking recording equipment into a casino nightclub or shit like that. Also, on bootcamps, we respect the privacy of our students - we don't video them. Yeah, one of the girls I kissed was 40. Sorry. I kept it in because good or not, it was a real set that happened. I reserve the right to fuck any girl I want btw. I am not going to choose to please others. why didn't you talk about any of the hot chicks Ive dated or lived with? ahh because this is puaHATE I get it.

you know in all this time typing my gf has been bouncing away in the living room. I really gotta spend some time with her now guys, Im outy.

Play nice. Mystery.