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God help the women of Poland right now.[/quote]

"How To Know If A Girl Was Really Raped Or Not
By Roosh

I’ve become extremely skeptical that rape occurs anywhere near the level that feminists claim. To understand how difficult it actually is, all you have to do is imagine trying to rape a girl. Consider these three points:

1. It’s very difficult to fuck a dry girl. Unless your dick secretes Astroglide from its pores, it just won’t go in. Lubing up your dick takes at least one hand, so forget about doing it when a girl is yelling and screaming and trying to twist her body away. In the case of rape you’ll basically have to assault her with one arm while re-lubing. Feminists think our dicks are made of metal but they’re more sensitive than butterfly wings. It seriously hurts when trying to fuck a girl who’s dry.

2. You won’t be able to rape her long enough to bust. Try to imagine fucking a girl who is fighting you with all her living being. With rape you just won’t be able to get your dick inside and keep it there with any amount of rhythm necessary to orgasm unless she’s completely restrained.

3. She has two knees. I was doing a little rape fantasy with a Polish girl where I put my entire body weight on top of her. I said, “I got you now, get ready to be raped.” She said that it would be easy for her to get out of it but I laughed and told her that the rape is definitely going down. She then showed me how easily it would be to knee the fuck out of my groin, which brought the rape roleplay to a premature end. She made me realize how easy it would be to disable a man trying to fuck her.

Here’s how you know whether a girl was really raped or not:

Did she have obvious and serious physical injuries on her body suggesting she received heavy blows that had the potential to knock her out?
Did she have a roofie in her system, confirmed by laboratory tests?
Was she tied down with rope?
Was she gang raped, in which she was completely restrained by other men?
Was her resistance subdued with a knife or gun?
Was she a feeble old woman who could not put up resistance?

Unless one of these conditions is a yes, she didn’t get raped, because as I man I know how nearly impossible it is to rape a woman otherwise. Even if I could physically overpower a girl, I could only imagine trying to rape one in my apartment building with her yelling at the top of her lungs. The cops would be at my door in five minutes. And if a girl is not yelling at the top of her lungs then she’s not being raped.

A girl with no injuries and no drugs in her system who claimed Chad raped her on the second date in his bedroom is a liar who deserves to go to jail. Whenever you see a rape story in the news, simply look at the facts presented. What evidence suggests she was truly raped? Unfortunately, most of the time the only evidence is her word, and we already know how much a woman’s word is worth.

Don’t believe the rape hype. The odds that a girl will be raped for real in her life approaches zero. Don’t let girls get away with spreading bullshit that rape is common. The truth is that it’s much harder to rape than to fuck a typical American slut using her consent."

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